Beer Week is Coming to Davis


Davis Beer Week begins in T-minus 50 days, so start getting excited! My name is Blake, and I will be your personal blogger for this incredible Davis event. This will be the inaugural Davis Beer Week, and we know it will be an absolute triumph! The excitement in the Davis air is poignant, so I’ll sum up what is going on so far.

Davis Beer Week will be a week long, citywide, celebration of all things beer beginning August 19. Restaurants and bars throughout the city of Davis that participate will hold specials on different nights of the week, each with deals/pairings that celebrate beer.

That Saturday, August 24, the Davis Bike and Brew Fest will commence! The Bike and Brew Fest will be the celebratory charitable conclusion to the Beer Week, wherein 50 breweries will line Davis’ Central Park all afternoon, serving some of the finest beer in the world for the benefit of the U.S. Bicycle Hall of Fame. Local food vendors will be selling their cuisine, and local bands will be playing throughout the Fest. Tickets for this event will be going on sale very soon, so keep your eyes open for notifications from us!

This will be a very exciting week for Davis. The world of beer has never been bigger, and there is no better place to celebrate it than in Northern California, arguably the best locale to make beer. It’s time for the people of the Davis/Sacramento area to have the beer come to them, so please join us for the week full of beer, food, good-vibes, and citywide pride!

I will be posting more and more as the Davis Beer Week comes ever closer, putting forward updates as well as cool beer and Davis info! Until next time, this is Blake, the Davis Beer Week guy!

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