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eel riverEel River Brewing Company: IPA

Being organic is never easy. Restraints on ingredients, strict limitations, and people prefacing the first sip with, “It’s organic, so, you know…” With Eel River Brewing Company, those issues are NOT issues.

Eel River Brewing Co. is America’s first certified organic brewery. Located in Fortuna, California, Eel River Brewing Co. has been around since 1995, and has had time to get things just right. Which they certainly have.

Our personal favorite is their IPA. At 7.2% and 55 IBUs, it’s certainly an IPA. It’s medium copper in color with a flat, sticky head. It is smoother than it is crisp, and more fruity than piney, making it very drinkable. It is not über-hopped like most California IPAs, which lends itself well to being on the refreshing side. The beer is calm on the palate and the hop taste does not sit and linger. This is a beer is a perfect recommendation to any IPA fan to drink regularly, as it is a perfect “session” IPA (or as session-esque as an IPA can go).

 Eel River IPA

Eel River is a brewery with strong convictions and makes solid product. Years of experience coupled with good ingredients have made for splendid organic beer. Check them out at the Davis Bike and Brew Fest when you go! Check out their website here:

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