What is Davis Beer Week?

DavisBeerWeek (2)Beer Week (noun): one week out a given year where one town is bombarded by all things beery!

Davis’ week comes ever closer, and it is time to embrace it! Beer is a time-honored craft that just about everyone enjoys, has enjoyed, will enjoy, or tried once when they were five years old and hated the weird tasting water their daddy was drinking (you know who you are… me… I did that).  Either way, beer is everywhere, and beer is wonderful.

Beer Week is a time to celebrate all the good things about beer. Restaurants and bars throughout the community are thereby encouraged to crate their own beer specials for the week! If that means beer and food pairings, excellent! If that means beer specials for the night, wonderful! If that means specialty tastings at your establishment, bingo! Everyone is encouraged to participate, and really make this a great week to be in Davis.

There is a calendar on the website, go ahead and throw your beer related dinner/lunch/special/whatever up there for all of the Davis area to see! Each day there will be plenty of places to check out, each with different themes and styles for everyone’s tastes. This is a citywide event, so lets make it happen!

For one week, the entirety of the town’s soul will be full of beer good feelings, and the public will love joining in! Pairing beer with food and setting up deals on types of beers will get people into restaurants and bars, and everyone will be diggin the beer vibes!

Be creative. Think up some beer related ideas for any or all days of the week. Lets get Davis excited about celebrating beer. It’s been around forever (almost), so lets keep it going!

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